TZR125 4DL
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Dyno runs 31-03-2018

TZR125 Track Dyno

On off those days, that you have done a lot off work but gained nothing
I have tried various setups regarding ignition and carb but gained not what I hoped for.
Need to investigate this, I'm confident that there is more

The idea was to measure out the 18 degrees

When running idle this is the firing point seen with a timing light.
Just before the first mark

Sadly thinks didn't went as planned as I couldn't let the flywheel hold the crank without the key before tightening.
The idea was to give a soft tap on the flywheel to let it clamp, but it would not hold enough for me to tighten the self locking nut.
So a new plan must be made

Decided to cut the key so I can give the flywheel a new location

Now I could move the flywheel and let it clamp to its new location

The first runs where promising, setting the base plate on:
0 (oem location) gave good results
1/2 is to mutch
1/8 a 1/4 is getting close.
Will investigate this and measure the movement correct

Then mounted the 34mm carb
Needed to widen the inside diameter to mach the 34mm
But that came out all right

Here she is mounted all ready to go

Needed to change some jets.

Started the 34mm with
168Main (one size up compared with the 32mm) but that was way to big
145Main (was going in the right direction, still missing a 400/450rpm)
155Main is going the wrong way

Need to order some jets from 120 to 145

I hope that by setting the 34mm correct a small gain can be made.

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