TZR125 4DL
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TZR125 Track Bike
Because I really like the TZR125 4DL and don't want to turn my streat one into a track/hobby bike, decided to build me one.
To get started bought myself a Frame on ebay, it was cheap. (had marks all over so it needed work)
Her you see how this turned out.

Example off the marks/dents.
Looks like t has been thrown around all these years.

My first thought wher, cover it up with some carbon wrap.
But looking at it when done, it really looks cheap/fake so pulled it off
First thing to do is removing the coating from the frame.
Thought is was polished, used a air grinder to do it.
Then used a 500 grind pad.
To remove the scratches from the brush.
After grinding the whole frame it looked like this.
Then came the hard work, polishing the whole frame.
After four hours I got both sides good.
It was a lot off work, but happy with the results.
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