TZR125 4DL
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Shortened exhaust en tacho change

TZR125 Track Bike
The starting setup off this bike will be almost the same as mine road bike.
There I have added four degrees more advance, but you can see at the dyno results the peek power RPM is dropping a bid.
To compensate this rpm prop I have shortened the Exhaust with 15mm to keep the engine peek power at 10.500 till 10.750rpm (with 4 & 5 degrees more advance)
Hope that it works like that
Marked in black the 15mm that needs to be cut out.
Sadly forgot to take pictures, but here you see the 15mm that has been taken out.
Also added a EGT sensor to monitor the carb setup.
Shortened the tail pipe, so I wont need a braked for the silencer. (That was the idea)
The construction is stronger now, so hopefully it restrains the vibration.
Also cut the original cockpit to hold only the tacho and temp meter.
On the lower part you see the EGT meter.
Happy with it, this gives a nice look.

As you can see, made a bracket and use three soft silent blocks.
This should absorb the vibration, and keep the meters readable while driving.

Need to tighten the wires better, but she is running.
First impression is good, engine sounds crisp, throttle response is good.
But need to do a lot more before I can drive here.
The well known ''twostroke smoke''
Getting there.
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