TZR125 4DL
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Head to O-ring conversion

TZR125 Track Bike
The next step what I planned was to remove the head gasket and go to a O-ring conversion.
This will lower the squish from +/-1.35 to a +/-0.95mm
Like to measure what only this mode will do.
Just removed the head, turns out to be a very good one.
No damage can be found.
Here I start with cutting the ring out.
Have used the value's from a 90's yz125 cylinder.
I did the cutting as slow a I could.
My home made tool wasn't the most perfect one, but its did the job

After  finishing cutting
Cleaned the head up with some 3M

It gives a nice look.
(the eye wont something to)
Here with yz125 O-ring
Don't have experience with this setup so lets start wit my normal sealing stuff
And see if that works
The rest can be removed easy after a day drying
And clean now

She is running again after the O-ring conversion.
Hope she is holding well so I can test the divergences

I also bound the exhaust in head resistance wrap in the hope it will hold the head better
Don't know if it will work, but at least it looks great
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