TZR125 4DL
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Dyno Special Cylinder

TZR125 Track Dyno

Today I tested the special cylinder, must say its nice to see a power gain but had hoped that it would be more.
To get a solid 30HP at the back wheel, think you need to do a lot more. Will continue to get my target

The first couple off runs where disappointing, I had a strange ignition problem.
The engine was holding up in the higher RPM.

Turned out that this was caused du to a bad plug cap, changed it with a other one and all wend well
The runs where very consistence between 27,0 till 27,2HP

Here one off the best runs.
27,2HP at 10676rpm

Here you have the best run with lifted cylinder (Orange) vs best run special cylinder (Green)

As you can see the ypvs can not control the triple exhaust port that good as with the normal exhaustsport
This leafs a small powerloss in the mid section, but you gain it in the higher RPM where the triple port works better.
Also you can see that the 0,9mm lifted portiming on the lifted Y-2 cylinder makes more revs than the 0,3mm lifted special cylinder.
But the lower peek power in combination with the stock 3MB servo motor gives a good power curve.

Perhaps a nice look (as in this setup the cylinder is not lifted)
Y-2 stock gasket (Orange) vs Special cylinder (Red)

Here some runs with the tested cylinder

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