TZR125 4DL
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Using the Stroboscope

TZR125 Research > TZR125R IC inside the CDI

Because I had figure it out how the power the CDI with the use of the high voltage coils from my 3MA Ignition tester
I could measure the CDI in live action, witch gave much more questions

Here you have a 18,5 degrees at idle.
(could rotate the disc a bid more to get exactly 18 degrees, but its just for a indication)

Here you have my opened CDI in action.
Clearly working as measured (with the jump)

Here you have a un-opened CDI in action.
Its working the same also with the jump.

Du to the latest discovery, this behavior can be explained
The small lobe length used on my testing machine is way to small for a TZR125 4DL
Se here: Almost solved the problem

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